I see some interesting scent options available for the EnvieSoi products however I don’t know what they smell like. Is there a way for me to get a better sense of how the product will smell before I purchase it?

Great question! It’s sometimes hard to tell what a scent combination will smell like to each individual, or how that scent will interact with that person’s specific body chemistry. One scent may smell nice on one person, and even better on someone else!

But if you’re looking for a very close point of comparison, here is what our customers are saying!!!

Black Orchid + Musk + Persimmon (similar to Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume)

Yuzu + Rose + Magnolia (similar to Versace Bright Crystal perfume)

Peach + Jasmine + Cherry Blossom (similar to Victoria Secret’s Love Spell perfume)

Peony + Vanilla Orchid + Passion Fruit (similar to Victoria Secret’s Bombshell perfume)

Again, these are just very popular opinions. We will let YOU be the judge! ;-)


Are there any customized options available?

Yes! If you are celebration a special event. I.e. birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. and would like a special color, messaging or gift wrapping then email enviesoiskincare@gmail.com and we can review your options! (Please note: customized options start at a minimum spend of $150.00).


I am interested in purchasing your items wholesale. Is that possible?

Yes! With advance notice, discounts are provided for wholesale purchases. Email enviesoiskincare@gmail.com for current wholesale pricing. (Please note: wholesale pricing starts at a minimum spend of $250.00).


I received different packaging for my product than the one depicted in the product photos. Is this typical?

A combination of PET plastic containers and glass mason jars are used. In the display photos underneath each listing you may see a combination of both. Your product will arrive in the packaging available based on current inventory. If you have a specific request based on what you desire from the posted pictures. Email enviesoiskincare@gmail.com and we can review your options.


Please note: If any questions or changes are requested regarding an order, then your email must be sent promptly within 1-2 hours of placing your order as all orders are shipped ASAP within 1-3 business days.


I notice that there are pictures of the shea butter in white and there are also pictures of the shea butter in yellow. Which one will I receive?

Each body butter includes shea butter used without preservatives. It is whipped up with a unique moisturizing blend. Our process is centered around the integrity of the butter, and whether or not it whips according to standard. Therefore, no matter whether your butter is white or yellow, rest assured it will be high quality and endures the same evaluation and whipping process.


My butter arrived softer than I would've liked OR harder than I would've liked, why is that?

EnvieSoi body butter blends in general, include a combination of butters and moisturizing oils, which are sensitive to heat and cold conditions. If the body butter is stored in a warm place then the butter may soften. Alternatively, if the body butter is stored in a cold place, it may harden.  (Especially during the winter months, butters may slightly harden in transit during the delivery process.)

 Here's a tip: If your butter is too soft upon arrival, place it in the refrigerator for up to an hour and stir it up with a spoon. Alternatively if your butter is a bit harder than expected, then keep it stored in a warm place for a while, such as the kitchen, or the bathroom counter, while you're taking a hot shower. ;-)


Care instructions for body butters:

On average body butters and related shop products will last 1-2 years from the date received. For best results, keep your products in a cool or room temperature area.


What if I have an allergy to one of the ingredients listed in products?

 If you have a specific allergy to one or more of the ingredients listed in the product offerings, please email enviesoiskincare@gmail.com with the specific name of the ingredient that you are allergic to. Once the message is received, you will be contacted with what your substitution options include. Where applicable, please send your email request prior to your purchase, to be accommodated in a timely manner. Delays in communicating your request, will result in a delay in you receiving your order.


What color will my product be?

  • Body butters are either white or yellow. 
  • Sugar scrubs are mauve/pink.
  • Roller oils are typically clear with a slight beige or yellowish tint.
  • Perfume sprays are typically clear with a slight beige or yellowish tint.
  • Body washes are typically yellow/off-white.
  • Lip balms are beige or pink.
  • Candles are white, with pink rose petals with a silverish shimmer finish
  • Bar Soaps come in a combo of pink, white and purple



What is your refund/exchange policy:

There are no refunds or exchanges offered, however please email enviesoiskincare@gmail.com if there is a problem with your order.


For any additional questions email enviesoiskincare@gmail.com  all questions are answered first come first serve, in order of priority.