Perfume Roll-On Oil
Perfume Roll-On Oil
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Perfume Roll-On Oil

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Moisturize your skin while adding a light yet refreshing long lasting scent! Each perfume roll-on is packed with Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and infused with organic rose petals for long-lasting moisture!

There are many delectable scents to choose from and each perfume roll-on oil is handmade, hand-poured with a scent that will last!



Scent Options:


Vanilla + Jasmine + Coconut 


-Delicious coconut and vanilla meet a touch of sweet sophistication when added with Jasmine!





Yuzu + Rose + Magnolia:


- Fresh sensual blend of vibrant floral notes!





Lily + Lilac + Lotus:


Floral floral floral! Light, refreshing, and perfect for those spring and summer months!





Passion Fruit + Peony + Vanilla Orchid:


-Fruity, aromatic, floral mix with a long-lasting blend of freshly cut exotic flowers and afternoon sun-kissed bliss! 





Peach + Cherry Blossom + Jasmine:


-Fruity, floral, flirtatious scent that is lavish and lush! 





Black Orchid + Musk + Persimmon:
-Exotic floral fruity notes meet their match when paired with a decadent woody oriental scent.





Gardenia + Peony + Rose:


-A bold mature scent with a very subtle floral undertone.