Handmade Fragrance vs. Mainstream Fragrance

There’s many commercial fragrance designers out there, probably too many to count!  In a world where everyone wants to look good and smell good, there’s a struggle for each company to show their individuality. There’s a competitive push and pull to gain the buy-in from prospective customers who are seeking an addition to their in-home bath and body regimen. But with all of the commercial fragrance designer options to choose from, why would someone go with a boutique company? Hmmm let’s explore that, shall we?

We’ll start with addressing the elephant in the room…

Mainstream fragrances are cheaper, and cheaper is always better… right?

Wrong! Sure, large commercial companies can offer a product that is often much cheaper than their boutique counterparts. But have you ever asked yourself the reason why?

Here’s one reason I’d like you to consider. Large scale commercial fragrance items are often cheaper because they are produced in mass quantities in large production facilities on machines, vs. handmade items which are produced in small batches in much smaller settings and of course by hand.  The time and effort that goes into making a homemade item is a true value-add, and far exceeds that of a production machine where there is no emotion or attachment behind the product. When you purchase a handmade fragrant item, you are getting a certain level of human care and attention that a machine simply can’t provide.

In Addition To Mass Production, How Else Do Commercial Companies Cut Costs?

To keep costs low, large scale commercial companies often incorporate harsh chemicals into each product to increase the shelf life of the item. Some of which, may have long-term negative effects on the customer using the product. Negative effects on the customer vary, but could include newly developed allergens, or newly developed illnesses over time. So in actuality, you may be paying a little less upfront for the commercial machine produced product, but depending on the cocktail of chemicals used, you may experience adverse health effects in the future that could become quite costly over time.

Why Should I Go Boutique?

When a customer purchases an all-natural handmade item, you may pay slighter more on the front-end, but you are getting an organic product, created with love and care that you simply won’t receive with a mass-produced machined item. It’s no secret that all-natural products are much healthier for the body and promote positive benefits over time with continued use.

When you support small businesses, on an important level you are connected to and appreciated by the person producing the item. You’re not just another number like with large scale commercial companies. You are a valued contributor to a much needed growing community.

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